About Victor Boski

  Entrepreneur Victor Boski has become a well-known figure in the industrial supply industry. Since 1999, Victor Boski has served as a member owner of National Industrial Supply, LLC. After several years of managing the company's daily operations, Victor Boski transitioned into a consulting role, ensuring that National Industrial Supply, LLC continues to gain profits and clients. Through Victor Boski's efforts, National Industrial Supply, LLC has expanded to include 25 employees and warehouses in two states. After transferring his share of ownership into a trust for his grandchildren, Victor Boski began to devote his time to supporting numerous charities and nonprofit groups. Victor Boski contributes to several mission organizations, including the Sudan Interior Missions, which aims to establish and strengthen Christian churches around the world; CrossWorld, which seeks to provide spiritual guidance to rural areas; and World Challenge Missions, which conducts non-denominational Christian churches around the world. Victor Boski supports the Tewksbury Family Assistance Fund and fire departments and YMCAs around his home state of New Jersey. A devoted member of his community, Victor Boski previously served on the Board of Education and the Parent Teacher Fellowship for Crossroads Christian Academy, a private school with locations around the country. Victor Boski was highly involved with the school for several years; when not leading meetings for the Parent Teacher Fellowship, Victor Boski instructed Bible Studies classes for the students. In his free time, Victor Boski enjoys skiing, boating, swimming, and playing golf. Victor Boski belongs to the Golf Club of New Jersey, winner of six state competitions in 13 years, including the 2000 Caddy Shack Championship, the 2001 Tour Championship, and the 2004 British Open.